Once upon a time I wrote a song for a project on #hitRECord [an open collaborative production company directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt] Then artists from all around the world contributed parts and now here’s the music video! So cool to see something grow through this process of collaboration. Thanks to #SONY for the sponsorship, big love to all the artists who contributed and the hitRECord team for putting it all together.

Make it speak.

"So we will not forget the feeling of the flight."

photo by Mateo

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Eye Heart Castle. ๐Ÿ’›#theadventuresofeyeheartfly #eyeheartcastle #kingdomoflove #royalheart #heartscastle #gold #heartempire #kingofhearts #queenofhearts

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There is a world inside of me…

There is a world inside of me
a world that only I can see
I’ll do my best to bring it out
But I won’t scream
and I won’t shout

You listen close
and I will share
This world is vast
I truly swear

This world is thick
with potent grace
it paints a story
on my face

I cry it out
in joyful tears
The love is strong
it’s held the years

This world runs fast
through rivers of blood
in my veins
a mighty flood

it’s the King of Kings
it’s the Queen of Queens
it’s a great storm
on the seven seas

It’s a silent prayer
its a woven dream
its a silver cup
filled with thoughts unseen

It’s a magic string
in the Holy rope
gathering strength
and holding hope

This world is of
a single song
forever sung
and never gone

With gravity
of melody
in the the purest form
of what I be

I hold it close
I hold it dear
for it’s the only song
I hear

I share with you
‘cause I have learned
to speak my heart
and take my turn

So I’ll sing to you
of this world inside
from the core of my soul
with humble pride:

Do what you love
and keep it true
and the world
will always sing to you.